Zhao Lihong

Claudia Navarro

Release Date:
March 2022


2270×210 mm Picture Book

Age group:
6-10 years


Black Tiger

Little Steps Publishing


Pedro is a curious little boy living in the heart of Mexico City. One day, he finds a lost puppy, scoops him up and takes him back home. Black Tiger, he names the dog, and hopes the puppy will turn out to be as brave as a tiger. In the same apartment block, live three other boys, Jose, Arturo and Alex, who, with their dogs, like nothing better than bullying Pedro and Black Tiger.When a powerful earthquake shakes the city, many are injured and Jose is nowhere to be found. Can Pedro find it in himself to overcome his hurt feelings and help save Jose? With Black Tiger leading the search, this story highlights the most precious things in life: Love and Understanding.

Key Words

#Fiction #6-10years #StrayDog #Mexico #Earthquake #Friendship #Diversity #Bullying #Empathy #Love 

Key Selling Points:

  • Based loosely on a true story, Black Tiger is a dramatic story about the connection between a stray dog and a little boy. How they cope with a devastating earthquake, changes the world around them into a more compassionate place.
  • Zhao Lihong is a famous Chinese writer and heard a similar story when he first visited Mexico in 1985.
  • A heartfelt and moving tale which opens up discussions about diversity, empathy, natural disasters and bullying.
  • Stunning illustrations by Mexican illustrator Claudia Navarro

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