Jess Rose

Jess Rose

Release Date:
May 2022


254x254mm Picture Book

Age group:


Fantastic Frankie

New Frontier Publishing


Frankie is a fox with plenty of style … Fabulous in a rainbow cape, Amazing in pirate boots and ready to take on the world in a gold crown! Not everyone likes what Frankie wears … The more Frankie tries to change, the more unhappy Frankie feels.  But what happens when friends start to miss their old Frankie?

Key Words

#PictureBooks #Fox #Confidence #Happiness #Diversity #Gender #Differences #Empathy

Key Selling Points:

  • A story about a fabulous and stylish fox who eventually learns to be confident and happy, this book has a strong text with an impactful message
  • A personal book about self-discovery and self-expression, the author wrote it to encourage children to shine their own lights and be confident in who they are
  • Clever use of colour by the author/illustrator to clearly convey different feelings and messages to the reader

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