Kaye Baillie

Shane McGowan

Release Date:
April 2022


27.5cm x 24cm Picture Book

Age group:
3-6 years


Great Big Softie

New Frontier Publishing


Elliot is a GREAT BIG SOFTIE But to fit in with the other monsters he decides to perform some MONSTROUS deeds. After scaring a little girl on her bike, he must decide whether to continue being MONSTROUS or follow his heart.

Key Words

#PictureBook #Monster #Kindness #Integrity #FittingIn #Forgiveness

Key Selling Points:

  • A rip-roaring story about a soft-hearted monster who decides that to fit in with other monsters, he must perform some monstrous deeds. He then must work out whether to continue in this way or follow his heart
  • Explores key themes of wanting to fit in, staying true to yourself, being kind and forgiveness
  • Striking and engaing illustrations by award-winning illustrator

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