Sally Murphy

Celeste Hulme

Release Date:
June 2020


198x129mm fiction 

Age group:
7-12 years


Sage Cookson’s Ring of Truth

New Frontier Publishing


Sage and her parents visit a bakery to film a segment for their TV show.  They are all in for a bit of a surprise when a treasured ring goes missing.

The Sage Cookson Series

Sage Cookson is a ten-year-old with a pretty different lifestyle.  Her parents are television chefs with, unsurprisingly, a passion for food.  They spend a lot of time travelling Australia and the world sampling the food, learning new cooking techniques and then sharing their knowledge with their massive television audience.  For Sage, this means she gets to embark on adventurous travels with her parents for so much of the time.

Key Selling Points:

  • An exciting story about cooking, travel and adventure
  • Meet the intrepid traveller Sage Cookson and her foodie family
  • Perfect for 7+ readers who are just getting to grips with chapter books
  • A great book to inspire a love of cooking as well as reading

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