James Sellick

Craig Shuttlewood

Release Date:
November 2022


254×254 mm Picture Book

Age group:


Saving Piku

New Frontier Publishing


One Tuesday morning Pal is teaching Piku how to sing when the Beast suddenly sshows up. Fear quickly spreads through the colony and the dads do everything they can to protect their little ones. Will they be able to keep them safe?
Explore feelings in this fantastic new picture book series, DEALING WITH FEELING. Through fun and enchanting stories, there’s subtle guidance on how to recognise and manage emotions in a positive way. With bright, engaging illustrations and lots of delightful animals that children can identify with, this is a perfect way to deal with big feelings.

Key Words

#PictureBooks #Penguin #fear #DealingWithFeeling #Empathy #Emotions #Friendship #Teamwork

Key Selling Points:

  • A heart-warming tale about a daddy penguin, Pal, and how he goes about saving his little chick, Piku
  • This book offers a crucial starting point for children to talk about empathy, emotions and feelings. The story shows how it is vital to ask for help when needed and that working together as a team is an important part of child development
  • The second book in the Dealing with Feeling series – first was STORM GOLIATH
  • Delightful and expressive illustrations by award-winning illustrator

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