Robin Twiddy

Drue Rintoul

Release Date:
June 2022


148x210mm PB

Age group:


Ant Attack! (Charlie’s Park No. 2)

BookLife Freedom Readers


No animal is too small to be saved in Charlie’s Park. The red fire ant colony is in trouble and only Charlie and Archie can save it. The only problem is that, in order to help, they are going to need to get inside the nest and Charlie and Archie are way too big to fit. Perhaps one of Uncle Monty’s inventions can help?

Key Words

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Key Selling Points:

  • Engaging and wonderfully designed titles perfect for young readers who are ready to venture beyond reading schemes
  • Printed in a comfortable reader-size format, perfect for a relaxed read
  • Bursting with a wide range of topics, perfect for supporting the learning of young children
  • Text suitable for competent young readers who have advanced beyond learning to read
  • Stunningly designed and packed full of fascinating imagery and engaging vectors that bring topics to life

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