William Anthony

Release Date:
March 2022


210x148mm paperback

Age group:
7-9 years


BookLife Freedom Readers: Attack of the Viruses

BookLife Publishing


Dive into the weird and wonderful world of monstrous microbes to find out all about these pint-sized problems. From viral sneezes to mean diseases and everything in between, get up close and personal with some of the tiniest terrors on the planet.

Key Selling Points:

  • Engaging and wonderfully designed titles perfect for young readers who are ready to venture beyond reading schemes
  • Printed in a comfortable reader-size format, perfect for a relaxed read
  • Bursting with a wide range of topics, perfect for supporting the learning of young children
  • Text suitable for competent young readers who have advanced beyond learning to read
  • Stunningly designed and packed full of fascinating imagery and engaging vectors that bring topics to life
  • One of six BookLife Freedom Readers being published in March 2022 and the others are: (1) Attack of the Fungi! 9781801551267 (2) Bird Predators 9781801551397 (3) Lives of Butterflies 9781801551434 (4) Reptile Predators 9781801551380 (5) Wasps and Bees 9781801551427

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