Robin Twiddy

Release Date:
March 2022


210x148mm paperback

Age group:
7-9 years


BookLife Graphic Readers: Sally Comet vs

The Space Pirates

BookLife Publishing


Boggle-Eye Bill, the notorious Space Pirate, has his one good eye on the ancient treasure that Sally Comet and her parents are transporting to the Museum planet Historia.  With her parents distracted only Sally can stop him. She will need to use all her wits when it is Sally Comet vs The Space Pirates.

Key Selling Points:

  • Fully illustrated exciting stories with unique art
  • Designed to follow seamlessly on from the BookLife Decodable Reader Scheme
  • Dynamic and exciting stories full of action and adventure
  • By pairing visual story telling with traditional storytelling, Graphic Readers are a less intimidating free reading experience
  • Colourful and dynamic, BookLife Graphic Readers are a fun alternative to prose books for all readers
  • One of three BookLife Graphic Readers being published in March 2022 and the others are: (1) The Chase Files: Thunder Chase 9781801550598 (2) Day of the Gnomes 9781801550543

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