John Townsend

Release Date:
January 2019


305 x 245 mm Hardback

Age group:

Book House





This eye-opening guide features to-scale images of the biggest and scariest bugs on the planet – from the bombardier beetle to the giant centipede, and a spectacular gatefold picture of the goliath birdeater spider – as well as salient facts about the different creepy-crawlies, maps of where each species is found globally and graphic comparisons of the size of each bug compared to the average human hand.

It will open the eyes of young readers to the wonders of nature, encouraging them to explore and appreciate their local wildlife.

Sample fact: ‘The giant centipede can run and climb at speed. It coils around prey, delivers a lethal bite and rips it apart. The venom is painful to humans and feels like a wasp sting, sometimes causing a swelling and fever.’

Special features

  • Covers a STEM subject
  • Bite-sized, engaging and informative text with multiple entry points
  • Stunning to-scale images
  • Gatefold illustration of goliath birdeater spider
  • Glossary and index

About the author:

John Townsend worked as a Secondary School teacher before becoming a full time writer of children’s books. He specialises in fun, exciting information books for reluctant readers.

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