Tharini Viswanath

Nancy Raj

Release Date:
April 2021


216x241mm Picture Book

Age group:
4+ years


Catch That Cat!

Tulika Publishers


When her friend’s cat, Kaapi, gets lost, Dip Dip goes off to look for it – on the road, inside dustbins, under bushes, everywhere.  And when Kaapi finally climbs up a tree and can’t come down, the only thing to do is …

Key Selling Points:

  • A delightful story of a spirited little girl for whom being on a wheelchair stops her from nothing, not even climbing trees!
  • Sensitive yet matter-of-fact in its portrayal of disability
  • A warm, adventure-filled story about friendship, and a pet that gets away – sure to be loved by children, parents and pets!
  • Exhuberant illustrations by an award-winng artist known for imbuing characters with freshness, quirkiness, humour and personality

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