Emily Dufresne

Katy Jones

Release Date:
June 2022


210x148mm paperback

Age group:
5-7 years


Dinner is Served

BookLife Accessible Readers


Chameleon Kid and The Shock were enjoying a normal day at school. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to stay that way… Join them as they battle stink bombs, farts and explosions. It’s time for Chameleon Kid and The Shock to save the day – AGAIN!

Key Words

#ReallyReadable #AccessibleReaders #Dyslexia 

Key Selling Points:

  • Created with the purpose of helping young readers with reading-based learning differences
  • Written and designed along the guidelines set out in the British Dyslexia Association’s Style Guide
  • Printed on matte, off-white paper to vastly reduce visual stress associated with reading-based learning differences
  • Simplistic layout of text and images to reduce visual distractions and aid concentration
  • Increased font size and spacing to help increase text readability

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