Release Date:
November 2013



Dockside Extras (Pack)

Cherrytree Books


Phonics reading scheme for older learners

Dockside is an accessible, but tightly structured, new reading scheme that builds confidence and motivates even the most ‘switched-off’ beginner or catch-up reader, aged 9 years and above.

  • Combining decodable texts with age-appropriate storylines, illustrations and language, Dockside engages learners so that they can move from little or no letter recognition through to NC Level 3.
  • Offers clear support for teachers and TAs (regardless of their experience of teaching reading at this level).
  • Provides a structured phonics scheme that can be implemented into your school, quickly and easily.
  • Dockside Extras provide 27 new, end-of-stage readers to practise and consolidate learning.
  • Offers student the chance to go over the phonics skills they’ve learned in that stage.

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