Christine Hatt

Release Date:
November 2019


290x220mm paperback

Age group:


Documenting the Past: Slavery from Africa to the Americas

Cherrytree Books


This book takes a fresh look at history by using original documents as the starting point for studying major events or periods in the past. The author draws on a wide range of sources, from diaries and letters to speeches and legal documents. Each document is set in context and fully annotated. They have been set in modern type for legibility, but photographs of some of the original documents are also shown. The books are highly illustrated with photographs, reproductions and maps.Slavery from Africa to the Americas charts the history of 24 million people taken from their homes in West Africa by force, and their journey across the Atlantic Ocean to start their new lives in the Americas. It also looks at their constant fight against enslavement, as well as examining the developments in Europe and the USA that brought slavery to an end.

Key Selling Points:

  • Beautifully illustrated with contemporary material, maps and diagrams 
  • Glossary details key words
  • Coloured text boxes pick out key facts and quotations
  •  Supports the national curriculum at Key Stages 34

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