Frances Payne


Release Date:
January 2020


277x223mm Hardback

Age group:


Exploring the World of Computers – Coding

Redback Publishing


Computers are everywhere, from watches to satellites, and toys to vacuum cleaners.  Just knowing how to switch computers on is no longer enough.  Start your knowledge journey right here in this series for kids who want to be right at the leading edge as computers evolve into the future.
Learning to code is like learning a new language only instead of talking to people we are learning how to talk to computers.  This book explains how coding works, demystifying it and revealing that people, and even other animals, are all natural coders.

Key Selling Points:

  • One in a series of four hardback non-fiction titles from brand new publisher Redback Publishing
  • Perfect for STEM at levels Key Stage 2 and 3
  • Bright eye-catching illustrations and photographs and packed full of facts

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