Shalini Vallepur

Release Date:
August 2022


25cm x 25cm Hardback

Age group:
5-7 years



BookLife Publishing


The internet connects us with people from all around the world. People use the internet every day to buy things, play games, talk with their friends, and find things out about the world around them. It is very useful, but it can also be dangerous. From shopping and gaming to information and social media, the series Internet Issues teaches you all about how to stay safe on the internet.

Key Words

#nonfiction #childrensbooks #internetissues #internetsafety

Key Selling Points:

  • Explores a crucial topic for generations to come, teaching children how to stay safe online
  • Encourages young readers to take precautions and think critically about both the information they share and the way they behave on the internet
  • Perfect for starting discussions both in class and at home about internet safety
  • Engaging and relevant imagery helps readers contextualise the information they are reading
  • An approachable and friendly tone of voice, coupled with accessible language, helps children stay interested and retain vital information
  • Gaming is one of four books in the series Internet Issues and the others are: Information, Shopping, and Social Media

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