Marta Taylor

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May 2022Price:


24cm x 24cm Picture Book

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Grandma’s Odd Socks

Wacky Bee 


“I love my grandma.  But there’s one thing about her that I don’t understand. She aways wears odd socks!” Grandma likes to stand out from the crowd.  She chooses colourful clothes, covered in flowers, and her hair is bright red. AND she wears mis-matching socks. Everyone laughs at her, but when it’s YOUR grandma, it’s really not funny at all and something needs to be done.

Key Words

#Grandma #Humorous #DebutChildrensBook

Key Selling Points:

  • A humorous look at being different
  • A beautiful debut from author/illustrator Marta Taylor
  • A gentle, simple text, perfect for adults and young children reading together
  • Will appeal to fans of Pink! by Lynne Rickards and Socks by Alex Sharratt
  • For grandmas everywhere!

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