Kanak Shashi

Kanak Shashi

Release Date:
October 2020


8.5″x7.5″ picture book

Age group:


Guthli Has Wings

Tulika Books


Guthli is everyone’s favourite – a happy child who likes to draw fairies,swing and cycle. But then one day she is told not to wear her sister’s frilly frock that she loves, but her ‘own’ boy’s clothes. And things erupt.“Why do you keep saying I’m a boy when I’m a girl?” she asks her mother. In that simple question lies all the bewilderment that childrenlike Guthli feel, who don’t seem to others what they know they are.The gentle story about gender identity tells it like it is, reality echoed in the flatness of the vibrant cutout illustrations.

Key Selling Points:

  • A bold statement on gender identity spun into a sensitive, heartwarming story
  • One of the few picture books in the world for young children that is so forthright about a child’s own perception of gender
  • Helps kickstart conversations/discussions on a difficult subject
  • Skilfully conceived illustrations capture the warmth and confidence of the story

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