Annemaire Anang

Natelle Quek

Release Date:
June 2022


250x260mm Picture Book

Age group:


I Am Nefertiti

Five Quills


When Nefertiti plays the drums, the band plays as one. “I am Nefertiti” she says, and she feels ten feet tall. But when the new music teacher shortens her name to ‘Nef’, bit by bit, she starts to shrink. Without Nefertiti to keep the beat, the band is in disarray . . .“I am Nefertiti!” she whispers to herself. Drawing on her inner strength and with the support of the other children, they help Miss Potts recognise the importance of honouring Nefertiti’s name. Now, when Nefertiti keeps the beat,the music sounds so sweet!

Key Words

#WeNeedDiverseBooks #Identity #QueenNefertiti #ChildrensBand 

Key Selling Points:

  • A heartwarming, joyous, empowering story of identity and belonging
  • Nefertiti is a lively, energetic protagonist sure to inspire children to assert their individuality and take pride in their names
  • A rhythmical read-aloud feast, perfect for storytime
  • Filled with rich, colourful pictures by Malaysian-born illustrator Natelle Quek
  • Features a children’s band composed of a diverse group of musicians
  • A wonderful introduction to instruments and the power of music
  • Includes a fact-filled spread featuring the instruments in the story,and information about the great Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

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