J Patrick Lewis 

Miriam Nerlove

Release Date:
April 2020 


21cm x 25cm Picture Book

Age group:


I Am Polar Bear

The Creative Company – Creative Editions


The polar bear is known by many names in different languages – White Bear, Ice Bear, Sea Bear. It is Sailor of the Icebergs, Whale’s Curse, Seal’s Dread. It is the animal deserving of great respect, the Ever-wandering One, the Master of Helping Spirits, Grandfather or God’s Dog. Whatever its name, what is certain is that this majestic Arctic animal is threatened by extinction and in need of human protection before it disappears from our world forever.

Key Selling Points:

  • A unique picture book that celebrates polar bears from a diverse range of cultures
  • Poetic text paired with delightful illustrations make this title accessible for even very young children
  • Describes how polar bears are under threat of extinction, and what can be done to help them

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