Shalini Vallepur

Release Date:
October 2019


210x297mm HB

Age group:


I Can Be … Heard

BookLife Publishing


Be bold like Boudicca, as adventurous as Amelia Earhart and super sporty like Usain Bolt! Inspire little minds as you explore the achievements and lives of key figures from the past and present. How did Galileo make important discoveries and how did Frida Kahlo overcome hardship? This series will inspire you to be whatever you want to be.

Key Selling Points:

  • Vector images bringing each inspirational person to life in a bright and colourful style
  • Simple text style to encourage readers and grow confidence
  • Inspirational and informative series covering important achievements of people throughout history with lessons that readers can learn from
  • Perfect for exploring historical figures across a variety of subjects such as STEM, history, art and sports
  • Invoking curiosity and inspiring readers to learn about the wider world, the past and the present. Includes well-known figures as well as those who are lesser known

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