Emilie Dufresne

Release Date:
January 2020


250x250mm Hardback

Age group:


Pop Art: In My Gallery

BookLife Publishing


Join your specialist as you find out all about different art genres, famous artists and their works and then try to recreate your own versions of these works. This series will give your mini Monets and diddy Dalís all the knowledge they need about the history and practice of art.Chloe needs your help filling this wing with Pop Art. Find out all about Pop Art and how to make bright colourful prints and comic strip paintings. Let’s get creating – it’s nearly opening night!

Key Selling Points:

  • Hands-on approach that will teach children how to recreate some of the most famous art styles of all time
  • Learn all about famous artists from around the world as well as specific artworks and movements
  • Character-led narrative will engage children with the art world and help them see their work as important
  • Unique and beautiful vector design for each book depicts each art movement’s style, design and colour palette
  • Learning the value in different art movements and how to talk about art
  • Follows both KS1 and KS2 art and design curriculum

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