Devika Cariapa

Ashok Rajagopalan

Release Date:
October 2021 


216 x 242mm HB

Age group:


India Through Archaeology:

Excavating History

Tulika Publishers


Superhero action carved on rocks… A headlessstatue… Glass fragments from a lost city… Royal inscriptions on pillars and copper plates… These may sound like clips from a fantasy thriller, but are in fact objects unearthed at archaeological sites across India— and the stories they throw up are just as exciting!

Key Selling Points:

  • Vibrant visuals and an inter disciplinary approach show the interconnectedness of people, ideas and events across the world — all based on archaeological findings
  • Encourages a more critical and holistic understanding of India’s multihued history with its cross-cultural influences
  • Easy narrative with intriguing facts and reportage, and photographs that bring alive sites and scenes from the past
  • Illustrated maps help locate places at a glance and cartoons lighten the info and heighten the whacky
  • A first step into archaeology and a useful supplement to history textbooks
  • Winner of the Bal Sahitya Puraskar, India’s most prestigious national award for children’s literature

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