Chris Martin

Release Date:
October 2020


198x129mm fiction 

Age group:12+



Inky Stevens – The Case of the Caretaker’s Keys

Hogs Back Books


Set up high on the cliffs, in the grounds of a ruined monastery, overlooking the dreary town of Blinkton-on-Sea, is the otherwise unremarkable Blinkton High School. Here resides the enigmatic Inky Stevens – a talented and astute student, better known as “the Great School Detective”.What appears to be a trivial search for a missing set of keys soon turns much more sinister with our hero facing mortal danger. Will Inky unlock this case and find the key to his survival or will he meet a horrific end?

Key Selling Points:

  • First title in a new series of Inky Stevens – The Great School Detective
  • Retro style cover to replicate an old fashioned exercise book
  • Introduces readers to a new character – a great read!

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