Author: Holly Duhig Release Date: August 2017 Price: £12.99 Format: 6.5 x 9 inches HB Age group: 8–11 ISBN: 978-1-912171-08-8

Invisibility Cloaks

The Secret Book Company


Do you lose yourself in daydreams about invisibility cloaks, tractor beams and replicators? Do you wish that you could have been born a few hundred years later, when all of these things are a reality? This series explores the real-life science behind some of our favourite science fiction gadgets and shows how a future filled with space shuttles, solar sails and bionic limbs might be closer than you think!

  • The accessible language and informative design helps to make the high-level subject matters appropriate for young and reluctant readers.
  • Detailed exploration of the subject matter exposes readers to many fundamental scientific concepts and methodologies.
  • The innovative design helps to engage readers and explicate the topic.

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