Katie Thomas

Chiara Carapellese

Release Date:
June 2022


150x205mm paperback

Age group:


Jacob’s Music

Wacky Bee


“Jacob is an ordinary boy who lives in an ordinary house in an ordinary village. Jacob is deaf.” When Jacob’s teacher announces that there will be an end of term music concert, Jacob’s heart does a flip and a flop. Music is his absolute favourite thing and he knows exactly which instrument he wants to play. The violin. However, everyone else has other ideas. Deaf people can’t play the violin! Or can they?

Key Words

#BuzzyReads #Deafness #SignLanguage #Abilities #ChildrensBooks

Key Selling Points:

  • Vibrant, full-colour illustrations on every page
  • Part of the Buzzy Reads series which are all of a similar length and style that perfectly bridge the gap between picture books and first chapter books
  • For everyone who routed for Rose in Strictly Come Dancing
  • For everyone who thinks they can’t – you can!
  • Will delight fans of The Hospital Dog by Julia Donaldson and I Will Dance by Nancy Bo Flood
  • End pages include simple sign language dictionary relating to the book.

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