Emily S Smith

Peter Olczyk

Release Date:
July 2022

£6.99 PB £11.99 HB

265mmx250mm Picture Book

Age group:

9781922593213 PB

9781922503206 HB

Kora Kerplunk’s Travelling Tongue

Larrikin House


Kora Kerplunk is a real wild child who likes to lick disgusting stuff. One day, her poor tongue gets fed up and runs away. It travels all around the world, tasting delicious cuisines and trying brand new flavours, while Kora struggles with her new tongue-free life. Will Kora be able to change her gross ways and convince her tongue to come back home?

Key Words

#Tongue #Humour #Adventure #Travel

Key Selling Points:

  • Encourages a sense of adventure and intrigue
  • Introduces the concept of travel and experiencing different cuisines
  • Explores the human tongue and all of its uses
  • A fun and energetic rhyming text with a hint of gross
  • Quirky digitial illustrations throughout by Peter Olczyk
  • A perfect read-aloud book for the classroom
  • Written by Larrikin favourite Emily S Smith author of Garbage Guts and How to Hug a Cactus

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