Kirsty Holmes

Release Date:
September 2019


210x297mm PB

Age group:


Level Up!: Action-Adventure Games

The Secret Book Company 


Ready, Player One…Get good at games with our in-depth guides to digital fun. From super strategies to roaring racers, get those nimble thumbs ready to learn our top tips and tricks and master the art of videogames. Level up your lingo and learn from the pros, then round up your friends to show off your skills; with our handy guides you’ll be ready to get your game on!

Key Selling Points:

  • Expert gaming guides featuring some of the world’s most popular videogames
  • Beginner how-to guides and more in-depth information takes young gamers through step-by-step strategies
  • Featured professional players and gaming careers engage and excite young readers
  • Engaging imagery, popular characters and easy-to-read style

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