Dorien van ‘t Ende

Helen Robinson MA

Release Date:
April 2022


24cm x 24cm Picture Book

Age group:


Little Beaver – Big Achiever

Resilient Hedgehog


Disaster strikes Beaver Town! All the Beavers are upset except for Little Beaver. She’s determined to rebuild her town. But will she be able to do it? She’s only small, after all!
Little Beaver – Big Achiever is a story about what can happen when something goes wrong and how we can put it right.

Key Words

#MentalToughness #Resilience #Positivity #PictureBooks #Challenges 

Key Selling Points:

  • The story describes challenges and situations to which a child can relate
  • The beautifully detailed illustrations encourage a child to think about what’s happening in the story and beyond
  • Written in rhyming text perfect for reading aloud
  • Triggers for discussions are shown throughout the story including extra characters and talking points
  • Website supports each story with downloadable resources for parents and teachers
  • Engages parents with children and with teachers

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