Pika Nani

Shreya Mehta

Release Date:
November 2021


229x165mm Paperback 

Age group:
10+ years


Little Indians

Tulika Publishers


Are there really diamonds hidden in Bhedaghat? Does little Sibsa’s magic carpet fly her out of Tawang? Did you know that dinosaurs roamed Gujarat in western India 65 million years ago? Stories and fascinating facts take you on a double-decker ride across India.

Key Selling Points:

  • A quick look through fact+fiction at 15 states of India. Distinct and different, they slide into place like a jigsaw to create a magnificent whole – India!
  • Journeys across mountain and ocean, forest and fort, through sport and art, with a dash of adventure
  • Stories for and about different children and different childhoods, weaving in details about people and the places they call home
  • Encourages a holistic understanding of India’s people, geography, history and cross-cultural influences
  • Explores the many little Indias that co-exist in this massive, multicultural country

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