Manjula Padmanabhan

Manjula Padmanabhan

Release Date:
December 2020


8″x10″  Picture Book

Age group:
6+ years


Mama, What is the Night?



“Oh you creatures of the day!
Can you EVER know the night?
You need light so much for sight,
When evening falls you don’t feel right.”
“Tell me please: What is The Night?” asks a little girl of the owl, the earthworm, the firefly… Glowing out from the pages, their answers merge into a tapestry of the more mysterious sides of night-time and the curioushabits of creatures that come to life in darkness.MAMA, WHAT IS THE NIGHT?
Columns, short stories, novels, plays, a long-running cartoon strip, Suki... Manjula Padmanabhantraverses all these genres with ease. She has illustrated 24 books for children, and created the very popular series about Pooni the cat for Tulika.

Key Selling Points:

  • Breathtakingly beautiful ‘nature facts’ book
  • Striking visuals and punny verse illuminate an alternative worldwhere light and sight don’t matter
  • An internationally acclaimed artist’s incredibly detailed illustrations evoke the mystery and magic of night-time
  • Filled with exciting science and loads of nature-secrets

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