Maryam al Serkal

Rebeca Luciani

Release Date:
11th April 2019


24cm x 24cm Picture Book

Age group:


Mira’s Curly Hair

Lantana Publishing


Mira doesn’t like her hair. It curls at the front. It curls at the back. It curls everywhere! She wants it to be straight and smooth, just like her Mama’s. But then something unpredictable happens…and Mira will never look at her Mama’s hair the same way again! A delightful celebration of natural hair and the courage it takes to be yourself.

Key Topics

Hair; natural curls; courage; mother-daughter relationships

Key Selling Points:

  • A celebration of natural hair – a topical subject promoting empowerment and self-esteem in children and young women.
  • Stories from diverse cultures build empathy and understanding #WeNeedDiverseBooks
  • Inspired by a real-life event involving the author’s own daughter.
  • Beautiful, full-colour illustrations by an illustrator who has won awards across the globe.

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