Roger Hurn

Mystery Mob

Release Date:
November 2016


198 x 128mm, paperback

Age group:
7-8yrs(reading), 7-12 (interest)/KS2


Mystery Mob and the Monster on the Moor

Cherrytree Books


Muckle Moor is a spooky place. But there’s no such thing as the Monster on the Moor–or is there? TheMystery Mob find out.

The Mystery Mob series has been written specially to appeal to boys and to develop reading enjoyment and reading stamina. Each book follows the story of a gang of six adventurous (sometimes too adventurous) boys as they get into scrapes and unravel mysterious happenings. The un-intimidating format and friendly design help motivate boys to pick up a book and continue reading through the whole series.


Roger Hurn has been a primary school teacher, a deputy head teacher, a head teacher, a university lecturer and a teacher trainer. He has also been a consultant advisor to the Home Office and the Children’s Directorate on how to help children develop a positive attitude to school. Roger is now a full-time writer and storyteller with over 60 books published for children.

Key Selling Points:

  • Ideal to engage reluctant boy readers aged 7-12
  • A non-fiction section at the back featuring quizzes, jokes and fun facts
  • Text is presented in a playscript-style – ideal for paired or guided reading
  • The series uses dialogue and humour to engage the reader

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