Stella Elia

Weberson Santiago

Release Date:
29th August 2019


205mm x 260mm Picture Book

Age group:



Old Man of the Sea

Lantana Publishing


Every Sunday, Grandpa waited for me in his room, and
I took my place at the foot of the bed. There were days when Grandpa wanted to talk, and days when he would
sit in silence. Then one day, Grandpa began telling me stories about his life at sea. Tales of love and adventure and danger on the ocean waves. And
that’s when I learned who my grandpa really was…

Key Topics

Grandparents; Adventure; Maps; Around the World; Sailing

Key Selling Points:

  • A fun-filled around-the-world adventure story
  • A fantastic introduction to world maps, including cultural and geographic landmarks that children will love to spot
  • A story about a grandfather who is nearing the end of his life and the wisdom he passes down to his grandson through stories.
  • A husband and wife author and illustrator team from Brazil


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