Pawel Pawlak

Release Date:
17th October 2019


205mmx260mm Picture Book

Age group:


Oscar Seeks a Friend

Lantana Publishing


What if you could turn the world the other way around and take a peek at what’s on the other side? Perhaps you’ll find something you never expected. Such as friendship. When Oscar meets a lonely little girl, it’s the start of an adventure for both of them. Together they make an unusual journey to two very different worlds, each beautiful and necessary. And it all begins when the little girl’s tooth falls out…

Key Selling Points:

  • An endearing little skeleton finds a friend in a living girl, and they explore each others’ worlds together
  • A story that can be read as a gentle philosophical exploration of life and death or a fun, simple and joyous exploration of friendship
  • A perfect and unusual book for Halloween
  • Translated from Polish. Books in translation encourage empathy and understanding

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