Beverly Jatwani

Sunita Chawdhary

Release Date:
April 2022


24cm x 24cm Picture Book

Age group:
3+ years


Pedro the Puerto Rican Parrot

New Frontier Publishing


In the first book in the series – Together We Can Change the World – it is love that can change the world.  Dominic takes Pedro the parrot under his wing, nursing him back to health, before releasing him back into the wild.
A series of 7 stories covering 7 continents with 7 important virtues: Love, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Kindness, Integrity and Gratitude. Each book highlights a fundamental core value, whilst simulataneously encouraging children’s responsibility towards Planet Earth. The books’ protagonists are an endangered or threatened species from each continent.

Key Words

#Picture #Diversity #Environment #Rehabilitation #Parrot #Wild

Key Selling Points:

  • A heart-warming and educational series that aims to educate and inspire children to take care of the planet and its inhabitants – an issue that Beverly feels very strongly about
  • Bold and vivid artwork from rising star Sunita Chawdhary
  • Includes many interesting facts for children to learn about Puerto Ricn parrots and their habitat
  • All author royalties from the sales of this book will go to Wildlife Vets International

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