Kirsty Holmes

Release Date:
September 2019


250x250mm PB

Age group:


Pigs Might Fly: Aeroplanes

The Secret Book Company


Learn to fly at the Sty in the Sky! Calling all new recruits! Piggles, your expert instructor for all things aviation, is here to teach you everything you need to know about flying machines. Get off the ground and navigate the skies in a variety of aircraft. From the basics (how things go UP!) to tips and tricks (and ejector seats), learn all about aircraft and earn your Pink Wings! 3… 2… 1… Lift OFF!This fun and factual series teaches children about flying machines and aircraft. From forces and thrust to famous flights, compliment your STEM curriculum with this exciting title.

Key Selling Points:

• Vector graphics and cute characters make learning about aircraft fun!

• Factual information presented in a fun, interesting and engaging format

• Learn about different aircraft and the history of flying

• Learn about lift, thrust, air pressure and more

• Perfect for STEM curriculum topics

• Great for high interest or reluctant readers too!

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