The Long-Lost Secret Diary Of The World’s Worst…

Tim Collins

Isobel Lundie

Release Date:
June 2019


198 x 129 mm PB

Age group:
7+ years


The Long-Lost Secret Diary Of The World’s Worst Shakespearean Actor



This series of hilarious fictional diaries put us inside the heads of hapless figures from history in frazzling situations. Robert, a boy living in Southwark in early 17th century London, finds himself employed as an actor in the Globe theatre, playing roles written by the greatest playwright of the age: William Shakespeare. But when the coronation of a new king, James I, threatens the future of the theatre, Robert has to come up with a cunning plan to save the company. If he doesn’t succeed, Robert will have to go back to collecting dog poo for a living.

Will Robert save the day? Will he ever improve at acting? And will Shakespeare ever listen to one of Robert’s brilliant ideas for a play?

‘Get Real’ fact boxes featured throughout, as well as a timeline, historical biographies and a glossary in the endmatter, provide historical context and further information.

Special Features

  • Humorous, engaging and easy-to-read ‘faction’ text
  • Fun and quirky illustrations
  • Fact boxes provide historical context
  • Timeline, historical bios and glossary

About the author:

Tim Collin’s fiction for children has been translated into forty languages and won awards such as the Manchester Fiction City and The Kalbacher Klapperschlange.

About the illustrator:

Isobel Lundie graduated from Kingston University in 2015 where she studied Illustration and Animation.

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