Ruth Taylor

David Parkins

Release Date:
August 2020


198 x 129mm Fiction Paperback

Age group:
8+ years


The Cat and The Captain

Little Steps Publishing


Will Matthew Flinders find fame and fortune? This intrepid explorer circumnavigated and charted the coast of Australia between 1802 – 1803 accompanied by his mischievous but faithful cat, Trim. Faced with a leaking ship, stormy seas, sickness and an unknown land, Matthew and Trim overcome every obstacle until they are shipwrecked on the Great Barrier Reef. Their adventures don’t stop there. After surviving the shipwreck they sail to Mauritius where they are imprisoned by the French as spies. What will become of them?

Key Selling Points:

  • Will appeal to history and animal lovers alike. An exciting account of a daring duo’s epic, real-life adventures.
  • Explorers and pioneers are studied on the school curriculum. Extensive teaching notes, including discussion questions, quizzes and craft activities, are available on the Little Steps website 
  • A topical title as plans are afoot to re-inter Flinders’ recentlydiscovered remains in his birthplace of Donington, Lincolnshire,followed by a memorial service at Lincoln Cathedral.

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