Joe Dever

Gary Chalk

Release Date:
November 2022


127x203mm Paperback

Age group:


The Caverns of Kalte:

Lone Wolf #3

Definitive Edition

Holmgard Press


In THE CAVERNS OF KALTE, you must brave the terrible perils of the ice kingdom in a quest to capture your most detested foe, and avenge the massacre of the Kai. But be warned! It is a challenge that will test your skill and endurance to the very limit.
The third episode in a unique interactive series of 32 books.

Key Words

#fantasy #gamebook #interactive #role-playing #adventure

Key Selling Points:

  • The relaunch of a beloved classic
  • More than 12 million copies sold, translated into 18 languages, winner of multiple international awards
  • The DEFINITIVE EDITION series from Holmgard Press is the first time the entire 32-book saga has been produced in a single consistent format
  • Edited text and rebalanced gameplay using a dedicated team of Lone Wolf scholars
  • Brand new illustrations and appendices of lore and history
  • The authorative lasting testament to the world of LONE WOLF
  • Optioned for a live-action series
  • Each exciting episode can be played separately, or combined into a unique role-playing epic spanning 32 books
  • The FINAL book in the saga is currently being written by Joe Dever’s son using his notes – n time for the 40th ANNIVERSARY in 2024
  • Perfect for reluctant readers and schools
  • The entry-point into a fantasy universe explored through board games



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