Anita Ganeri

Rachael Philips

Release Date:
February 2018


272 x 224 mm, paperback

Age group:
7 years +/KS1


The Easter Story

Tulip Books


Anita Ganeri retells the traditional stories of world religion festivals with her usual sensitivity and gift for drawing children into the narrative. Exquisite watercolour illustrations breath warmth and life into the story. Suggestions for activities are included in every book, as well as special recipes that children will enjoy trying out.

The story of the resurrection of Jesus is told in The Easter Story.


Anita Ganeri has an MA in Indian Studies from Cambridge University. She is a full-time author of children’s books, including many on comparative religion and mythology.

Key selling points

  • A unique insight to an important festival in the Christian faith
  • The combination of story-telling and facts make this a stand-out series
  • A beautiful gift book for all children brought up or interested in the Christian faith
  • Includes exquisite watercolour illustrations and special recipes

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