Rachel Saunders

Release Date:
March 2022


170x180mm Board Book

Age group:
18 months to 3 years


The Funny Farm: Cluck Cluck Duck

Mama Makes Books


Did you know that farmers sometimes put duck eggs under broody hens to hatch them? The duckling and hen fall in love and it’s natural as natural can be … until the duckling starts swimming!
CLUCK CLUCK DUCK is the first of four novelty flap books about the humorous goings-on at the Funny Farm.  Each book has an early-learnng concept underlying the story and CLUCK CLUCK DUCK introduces early maths skills.  There is even a page of pop-up flaps for the children to count: Four little eggs. Four little chicks.
But a surprise fifth egg is different, and when an adorably duckling hatches, the chicks accept their surprising sibling, and Mama Hen adores them all. But when grumpy old Sheep reveals the truth, little duckling is crest-fallen! What can the chicks do to reassure their sister and put Sheep in his place?
An uplifting, warm-hearted story of acceptance and family love.

Key Selling Points:

  • A farm lift-the-flap book, including pop-up flaps of hatching chicks
  • Introducing early maths skills: understanding number, number order, counting and adding one
  • Rhyming text and joyful, colourful artwork: enjoyable for adults to read and children to join in with
  • Develops understanding of the world: the different natures of animals and the noises they make
  • Offers conversation cues: about fellings, love, what makes a family

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