Rachel Saunders

Release Date:
March 2022


170x180mm Board Book

Age group:
18 months – 3 years


The Funny Farm: Tractor, Tractor

Mama Makes Books


One big tractor, shiny and new.
One small tractor, rusty and blue.
TRACTOR, TRACTOR is the second of four novelty flap books about the humorous goings-on at the Funny Farm.  Each book has an early-learning concept underlying the story and TRACTOR, TRACTOR is all about opposites.  It has sliders too, so children can make the tractors go forward and back, fast and slow.
The story starts with harvest time, when Red comes to help out on the farm.  He’s new, shiny, fast and strong.  Blue is an old faithful – small and rusty but wise and calm.  So when Red decides a race is a good idea after a hard day’s harvesting, Blue lets him go, trundling slowly home at his own pace – only to find Red in a ditch.  He’s no longer shiny and clean.  He’s the dirtiest, smelliest tractor you’ve ever seen!
A warm-hearted story that shows, despite being opposites, young and old can make a great team, and the very best of friends.

Key Selling Points:

  • A lift-the-flap book, with sliders to move
  • Tractors and farms are hugely popular with young children
  • Part of the FUNNY FARM series each with unique novelties and concepts, and a cast of funny, friendly farm characters
  • Introducing the concept of opposites
  • A cross-generational story about teamwork and friendship
  • Rhyming text and joyful, colourful artwork: enjoyable for adults to read and children to join in with

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