Lucy Christopher

Nia Tudor

Release Date:
October 2021


26cm x 26cm Picture Book

Age group:


The Queen on our Corner

Lantana Publishing


Nobody notices the queen on the corner. Nobody, that is…except one young girl. Through her eyes, the woman who dwells in the abandoned plot is a warrior queen, with many battles fought and won. When, one day, danger comes to the street and the queen on the corner sounds the alarm, the little girl must find a way to thank her. Can she bring the community together to turn the queen’s corner into a home?

Key Topics

Homelessness; Social Justice; Social Awareness; Equality; Communities; Kindness; Empathy; Compassion

Key Selling Points:

  • A heartfelt story that examines homelessness through the eyes of a child
  • Topical focus on poverty, community, and social justice
  • Shows the need for kindness, empathy and compassion
  • Showcases a diverse and inclusive community
  • From Lucy Christopher, author of acclaimed picture book Shadow

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