Carolyn Scrace

Carolyn Scrace

Release Date:
May 2020


282 x 219 mm 

Age group:
Birth to pre-school


The Scribble Monsters: Printing Activity Book

Salariya – Scribblers


Meet the Scribble Monsters – Inky, Blot, HB, Pablo and Nibs. These playful and inquisitive characters will guide the user through the fun pre-school activities, encouraging them to draw on, colour in, paint and decorate the books. The fun activities in each title will aid in the development of a range of vital skills from manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination to creativity, imagination, confidence and self-esteem. At the same time our young readers will be exploring early language skills, numeracy and the understanding of concepts such as colour, shape, size and pattern.In Printing, children will have fun while developing recognition and awareness of patterns and shape. They will enhance their creativity skills.

Key Selling Points:

  • Cast of memorable, distinctive and endearing Scribble Monster characters.
  • Contain a broad range of activities to aid a pre-school child’s emotional and physical development.
  • Designed with educational consultants, including Shanna Cheesman, founder of Hungry Minds Childcare, an innovative nursery business where children are encouraged to explore in a structured setting built around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

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