Sigi Cohen

Patrick Corrigan

Release Date:
May 2021

£6.99 PB £11.99 HB

265mmx250mm Picture Book

Age group:

9781922503091 PB

9781922503084 HB

The Vampires Next Door

Larrikin House


Lee has some serious concerns about her next door neighbours. When children in the street start to disappear, Lee knows something is terribly wrong.She feels a nibble on her neck one night and Horace appears, acting batty and in a bad-tempered manner.Will Lee be able to use her courage and grace to come up with a fail-proof plan to be rid of her bloodsucking neighbours, once and for all?Don’t hold your garlicky breath to find out!

Key Selling Points:

  • Encourages a sense of adventure and intrigue
  • Appeals to children who love darkly humorous stories
  • Encourages a love of reading
  • Contemporary digital illustrations by Pat Corrigan
  • Explores the important theme of problem solving and resilience
  • A fun and satisfying story for vampire lovers
  • A perfect read aloud book for the classroom

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