Mama Makes Books

Release Date:
June 2022


Board, self-closing concertina

Age group:
0-9 months


Tummy Time

Mama Makes Books


A BookTrust selected book for their Bookstart programme 2021. Now in a new trade edition, with sturdier white FSC board and an extra leaf, making a wider panorama. Tummy time – placing babies on their tummies for a short period of time – is recommended by healthcare professionals to help babies develop strong neck and shoulder muscles. This Tummy Time! book is designed to keep their brains busy, too, while their muscles are hard at work. It’s a double-sided panorama of high-contrast images on one side, and photos of babies on the other, because babies love looking at other babies. There’s also a mirror, because babies love looking at themselves!

Key Words

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Key Selling Points:

  •  A good value trade edition of this BookStart book
  • Specially designed for tummy time: important for babies’ physical development
  • The double-sided concertina creates two panoramas of images
  • Made of board with a self-closing cover and a mirror
  • Can be opened and read like a book: to be shared together or put in front of babies during changing or feeding time to keep them stimulated
  • Bold, high-contrasting colours and mesmerizing images: appealing to babies and ideal for their developing vision

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