Author: Shalini Vallepur Release Date: July 2019 Price: £12.99 Format: 219x219mm HB Age group: 5-7 ISBN: 978-1-78637-736-4

Tyrannosaurus Rex

BookLife Publishing


Fearsome, ferocious and… feathered? Prepare your palaeontologist pack – we’re going on a dino-trek to find out what we can about these legendary lizards. Did T. rex have fabulous feathers? What colour were Stegosaurus’s scales? And was Pterodactyl actually a dinosaur at all? Notebooks and magnifying glasses at the ready – let’s go digging!

  • Full-colour images bring natural history to life
  • Clear, engaging text style, perfect for developing reading skills
  • Readers are encouraged to explore the text and subject, provoking curiosity
  • High-interest topics will engage reluctant readers and budding natural historians alike

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