Joy H Davidson

Nikki Slade Robinson

Release Date:
February 2020


265x250mm Picture Book

Age group:


Wanted: Witch’s Cat Apply Within

Salariya – Scribblers


‘Could you ride on my broom across the Moon, and stir my cauldron with a wooden spoon?  Could you live in a house with toads and lizards, and feast each day on animal gizzards?  Could you remember my spells from beginning to end?  But, most of all, will you be my friend?’ In this hilarious, lighthearted new picture book by the 2017 Notable book award-winning author Joy H. Davidson, a witch organises a series of job interviews with different types of cat to see who can be her companion. But when she can’t find a cat who’s happy to share her witchy lifestyle, she wonders if she’ll have to remain alone. Will a trip to the cat rescue centre save the day? Children will love chanting along with the refrain and delight in the quirky and charming illustrations.

Key Selling Points:

  • Humorous text with repeated refrain that children can say aloud
  • Highly-detailed illustrations filled with personality

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