Radhika Menon & Sandhya Rao 

Nirupama Sekhar

Release Date:
August 2021


216x242mm Fiction 

Age group:
8+ years


Water Stories From Around the World

Tulika Publishers



A collection of stories from mythology and folklore to focus on the need to protect, conserve and value water.  A creative plea to readers to treat water, and by extension, all life, with respect.


Key Selling Points:

  • A theme important for our times
  • Well-known writers draw upon the story telling traditions of the Ivory Coast, China, India, Greece, Australia, Spain, Nigeria, Botswana and places beyond names to reflect upon an intrinsic connection
  • Pictures inspired by the rich, visual representations of water across cultures
  • With interesting facts and a timeline from earliest times
  • ‘Excellence in Book Production’ award from the Federation of Indian Publishers
  • #WeNeedDiverseBooks

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