Elsa Martins

Release Date:
October 2022


190x190mm Board Book with Turn Wheel

Age group:


Which Ears?

Tiny & Tim


From a series of delightful, interactive board books for readers big and small to share. Turn the wheel on each spread to choose the best ears for each animal. Featuring super-cute artwork from Elsa Martins accompanied by a gentle rhythmic text.
The companion title, publishing in October 2022, is WHICH TAIL? 9781914011122

Key Words

#EarlyYears #Ears #InteractiveWheel #Animals #BabyBooks #BoardBooks

Key Selling Points:

  • Interactive fun with a turn wheel on each spread containing extraordinary possibilities for each creature’s ears!
  • A book that puts the reader in charge, ideal for an age group at the early development stages of decision making
  • Wonderful, instantly engaging artwork from an establised and respected illustrator

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